NZYD delegates Fran, Lisa & James were interviewed by Veronika Meduna of Radio NZ prior to their departure to Paris for COP21.

The interview appeared on Veronika’s Radio NZ science program, “Our Changing World”. You can listen to the full 15min podcast here.

In the interview with Veronika, delegate Lisa McLaren says NZYD discussed the recent attacks in Paris but everybody was determined to go anyway because the issue was too important: “This is something that will impact everyday New Zealanders, whether it will be through higher cost of importing products or issues around climate migrants. This will impact everybody.”

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The New Zealand Youth Delegation brought messages sent by young New Zealanders to Cancun in 2010, woven into the shame of a fern to Parliament and asked New Zealand political leaders to #FutureProofNZ by taking strong action on climate change.

These messages, originally sent by young people from all around New Zealand ahead of the 2010 climate talks in Cancun, are a timely reminder to New Zealand’s parliament of the need to take urgent climate action. With New Zealand’s emissions having risen by over 25% since 1990, NZYD want to hold leaders to account for the promises that they made and repeatedly broken.

Representatives from the Labour and Green Parties – Denise Roche, Julie Anne Genter, Ruth Dyson, Megan Woods, Sua William Sio, Louisa Wall and Jenny Salesa welcomed the NZYD to Parliament and held the banner with them.

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On 12 November 2015, the NZ Herald published a NZYD op-ed: “New Zealand heading for bottom of the heap at Climate World Cup”. Click on the image for a high-res version of the article.

And for rugby-related climate satire, be sure to check-out our ongoing project at

NZ Herald 12 Nov

An open letter from a young NZer

Dear fellow Kiwis!

The Rugby World Cup final was epic, Kiwis from all around the country (including me!) gathered around their television sets early that Sunday morning to cheer on the boys in black, and wow, did they deliver. But what Kiwis might not realise is that right now New Zealand are losing, badly, at another really important game – the Climate World Cup. What’s worse is that we don’t have a game plan to get on top.

What is the Climate World Cup I hear you say? It’s a quirky campaign put together by eight young New Zealanders to connect our nation’s great sport to our nation’s biggest battle; climate change. My name is Renée, I am one of those young New Zealanders. I will be attending the climate negotiations in Paris later this year as part of the NZ Youth Delegation. My generation will inherit the worst effects of climate change if we don’t act now.

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From August 31 to September 4 in Bonn, Germany, government and civil society representatives from across the world gathered to further negotiations on the Paris Agreement and pre-2020 ambition. These negotiations have been conducted under the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP). This session was scheduled along with two others (and potentially a third) throughout 2015 in order to accelerate the negotiations for the Paris Agreement.

My name is Saskia McCulloch. I have attended the Warsaw (2013 – COP19), and Lima (2014 – COP20) UNFCCC negotiations with the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute and have recently completed a Master’s focusing on civil society engagement with the process. Last week I attended the negotiations in Bonn. I was the only New Zealand representative for civil society present. Attending without fellow New Zealand civil society representation was not ideal – however the negotiations were much tougher for many of the developing countries attending who had incredibly small delegations.

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11890985_439741872892223_448702488913218149_nWe’re excited that the New Zealand Youth Delegation has joined the New Zealand Climate Action Network (NZCAN), which was launched this week.

NZCAN is the New Zealand node of the Climate Action Network International (CAN), a worldwide network of over 950 non-governmental organisations,
civil society groups and social movements in over 110 countries calling for just climate action.

CAN works to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels. It will be great for NZYD now to be able to work with CAN members at COP21 in Paris and beyond.

We, along with NZCAN’s 15 other members, believe Aotearoa New Zealand can chart a just course to a zero carbon future.


lisaFive mid-twenties [ok fine, late twenties!] women sitting at their local bar drinking ginger Sangria on a Friday night [highly recommend!!]. What would YOU assume they are talking about?? The latest (ridiculous) fashion trends, the cute bartender, cuticle care (or lack thereof!) gardening, exploitation of Seaworld animals, the latest running track, … well, actually all of these topics were covered at some stage in the night… [it was a long night!] However, these topics paled in comparison to the heated discussion around the lack of ambition shown by the NZ government in their climate change targets and how this will affect the choices these women would make when deciding if and when they want to have children [yeah the conversation got deep, quick!].

I was one of those women. These were my friends and I just last weekend.

My name is Lisa McLaren and I have the great honour of heading to COP21 in Paris this December as one of the co-convenors of the New Zealand Youth Delegation. Not in a million years did I think when I was a little girl that this is where my life path would take me. You are going to hear a lot from us over the coming months about climate policy and action so as a way of introduction I would like to share with you my climate story of self…

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